Targeted Genotyping by Sequencing


Flex-Seq™ is a high-throughput targeted genotyping platform for commercial next generation sequencing applications. Focusing on scalability paired with data accuracy, reproducibility, and completeness allows Flex-Seq Ex-L to deliver industry-scale solutions for industry-scale genotyping

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Amp-Seq workflow

Amp-Seq is a mid-plex targeted genotyping by sequencing workflow for agricultural biotechnology genotyping on an industrial scale.

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Capture-Seq is a targeted next generation sequencing (NGS) platform for characterising hundreds of thousands of targets (including complex polyploids). Samples may be comprised of a single species, a mix of closely related species or distantly related taxa. Capture-Seq is suitable for both high and low volume applications. There is no minimum sample number required to utilise an existing marker assay or for custom assay design.

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