KASP genotyping reagents

Make data-informed breeding decisions faster with our proprietary KASP PCR-based genotyping assay.


Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP™) assays enable accurate, bi-allelic discrimination of SNPs and indels. Unmatched quality, reliability and credibility have established KASP as a foundational SNP genotyping chemistry for agrigenomics.

  • Accurate: KASP has been independently verified to achieve a 99.8% call rate across many DNA extraction techniques, GC/AT-rich templates and plant species.
  • Cost effective: KASP does not require expensive labelled assay-specific primers or probes, is compatible with crude DNA extraction methods and uses low reaction volumes.
  • Flexible assay design: Our experts will identify the best mix of three non-labelled primers for your SNP, indel or mega indel.
  • Open plate reading format: The signal can be read on most FRET-capable plate readers and qPCR instruments. We have downloadable step-by-step protocols for running KASP assays on a wide range of commonly used qPCR instruments.

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Access to unparalleled expertise

For more than 21 years, KASP has been the gold standard for PCR-based genotyping. KASP has been used to develop more than 280,000 SNP genotyping assays in more than 75 organisms.

We use KASP in our own labs, giving you access to unmatched expertise and confidence. Whether you need support setting up your KASP genotyping reaction or you’re ready to scale up or diversify your operations, we are here to help.

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Getting started with KASP in your lab

Start with an evaluation:

  1. Request a free trial kit.
  2. Run the trial kit in your lab with guidance from our technical support team.
  3. Contact the KASP Assays team to initiate custom primer design.

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KASP-TF Master Mixes: Perfected in our labs, perfect for yours

KASP-TF Master Mix is universal to every KASP genotyping assay and is offered in a range of standard packaging sizes to address varying throughput needs. Current KASP users can order more KASP-TF Master Mix online. If you're new to KASP, request a trial kit to get started. 


Pre-designed KASP assay panels

In collaboration with scientific partners across the globe, we have developed a number of KASP™ genotyping panels for various species. These pre-designed libraries are cost effective and easy to run with no minimum order quantity.


Unlike chip-based systems with fixed marker sets, our KASP genotyping panels allow you the flexibility to select markers in response to the dynamic nature of marker-assisted breeding projects.

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Check out how other researchers have used KASP in these peer-reviewed papers.

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We have been the exclusive supplier of KASP genotyping assays for more than 21 years. Whether you need support setting up your KASP genotyping reaction or you’re ready to scale up or diversify your operations, we are here to help.