Why Real-Time PCR?

Real-time qPCR Provides Rapid and Reliable Food Safety Testing

qPCR technician using Rotor-Gene thermal cycler

For quick, accurate, and sensitive detection of pathogens, the most advanced assays rely on molecular methods such as real-time qPCR. When a single mutation can spell disaster, these assays can discriminate the most subtle difference in genetic sequence. In the food safety industry, modern laboratories are opting for real-time qPCR-based (qPCR) tests over antibody testing because qPCR tests are faster and sensitive to smaller concentrations of pathogen.

Real-time qPCR has overcome many obstacles that previously hindered its adoption in food safety laboratories. A combination of technology such as “fast” real-time PCR and automated sample prep dramatically reduces pathogen detection time, sample contamination, and user error. The conversion of existing tests, and the development of real-time PCR assays for new pathogen targets can better prevent contaminated food from reaching consumers.

Partnering with LGC, Biosearch Technologies

Partnering with Biosearch Technologies as your oligo manufacturer

Food safety developers who need high quality components for their real-time PCR assays outsource their oligonucleotide manufacturing to Biosearch Technologies to keep costs under control and to free up time and resources toward the implementation of molecular tests.

Biosearch Technologies synthesises consistent, reliable, high quality oligos to support assay development, from design and optimisation through full-scale commercialisation. Expertise in sequence design, oligo applications, customizable manufacturing processes and access to IP are just a few features that Biosearch Technologies offers to food safety test developers. Our proprietary robotics have the capacity to rapidly synthesise thousands of oligos, giving developers what they need, when they need it.

As part of our contract manufacturing services, Biosearch Technologies embraces a comprehensive quality system. We realise that every situation is different, so we offer different levels of documentation and customisable quality specifications to meet the requirements of your assay.

Choosing BHQ dyes

Many companies choose Black Hole Quencher™ (BHQ™) dyes for use in real-time qPCR assays because they are the industry standard in pathogen detection and identification. Biosearch Technologies makes the BHQ dye available through flexible licensing programs. Eliminate the complication related to IP licenses and let Biosearch Technologies supply you with both the licensing of BHQ dyes and the manufacturing of high-quality oligos for your assay. BHQ Probes offer:

  • Rapid results in real-time with exquisite specificity
  • Identification and quantification of multiple pathogens in one reaction
  • Enhanced specificity to detect food spoilage much earlier than culturing
  • Reduced risk of sample contamination and user error

If you have any questions on how Biosearch Technologies can help you with the development of your food safety test, email info@biosearchtech.com or call us at 1.800.GENOME.1(436.6631) and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.