Sequencing services

We offer a broad range of services for sequencing including SSR conversion, sanger sequencing, GBS and NGS.

Amp-Seq workflow

Amp-Seq is a mid-plex targeted genotyping by sequencing workflow for agricultural biotechnology genotyping on an industrial scale. Focusing on workflow simplicity paired with automatability, fastest processing time and unparalleled cost effectiveness, Amp-Seq delivers a solution with that enables in-house genotyping on an unprecedented scale.

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NGS services

Next generation sequencing and analysis with bioinformatic services. High quality for customised application on illumina MiSeq.

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Bioinformatic services

Rely on high quality from our bioinformatics team in De novo assembly (genome, trancriptome, metagenome, metatranscriptome), Expression profiling of mRNA & ncRNA etc.

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