Service project turnaround time

Express turnaround times for genotyping and DNA extraction service projects

LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers several options with regards to the turnaround time of laboratory service projects. If you are interested in express turnaround time service projects please notify your project manager or local sales manager prior to the start of the project.

Available project service levels

Service level Express genotyping Regular genotyping DNA extraction projects and complete services Sanger and next gen sequencing
Turnaround time 2 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks More info

Faster bespoke turnaround times available on request. Please contact your project manager or your sales manager for more information.

How it works

  1. Turnaround time is defined as the time between sample receipt and returning the genotyping data
    1. Turnaround time starts when we have received the purchase order, the customer has approved the assay design and we have received the samples including the relevant plate layout files.
    2. Turnaround time concludes when scored genotyping data have been received by the customer (email).
  2. For express turnaround time the following additional conditions apply:
    1. SNP sequences need to be provided at least 5 business days prior to the start of the project to allow for design, production and validation of the assays.
    2. If the assays have previously been genotyped by Biosearch Technologies and are still being stored this may not be required. Please discuss with your project manager.
    3. Please provide your sample information (plate layout file) along with the SNP sequences
    4. Please add an EXPRESS turnaround time label to your shipment. You can download the label from this page for printing
  3. Please ensure that the samples meet conditions specified by Biosearch Technologies.
  4. Any additional services may add onto the anticipated timeline. Note that this is especially applicable for project that include sample transfer or other labour intensive services.
  5. Maximum project sizes unless otherwise agreed prior to the project.
    1. Genotyping 2 weeks - 100,000 data points
    2. Genotyping (4 weeks) -  2000 samples or 500,000 data points
    3. Complete service (5 weeks) - 500,000 data points
    4. DNA extraction (5 weeks) - 2000 samples
  6. Any exceptions to the timelines will be discussed with the customer. In the unlikely circumstance that a timeline is not met the project is charged according to the next lower service level