Animal and plant DNA extraction kits and services

Trait discovery, selection, and commercialisation is reliant on accurate and actionable agrigenomics data, which begins with high-quality samples. Our portfolio of high-performance DNA and RNA extraction and purifications kits, automated DNA purification instruments, and tailor-made extraction services deliver high-quality DNA and RNA for downstream sequencing and PCR applications enabling you to make critical research decisions and advance traits to market.

Accelerating agrigenomics research begins at sample extraction

Sample preparation kits

  sbeadex™ MasterPure™ QuickExtract™
Key features Magnetic beads with no salt/alcohol in final wash buffer delivering high-purity DNA for sequencing applications Total nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) purification in single kit and included ability to select for DNA or RNA 3-8 minutes simplified extraction technology for high-throughput end-point PCR applications
Matrix Surface-modified superparamagnetic particles N/A N/A
Mechanism of action1 Novel two-step binding mechanism Salt precipitation based chemistry Lysis/inactivation - based chemistry
Suitable downstream applications NGS NGS/PCR/qPCR PCR
Automation compatibility Automated high-throughput extraction Semi-automated (centrifugation required) Semi-automated (heating required)
1Our surface-coated superparamagnetic particles do not require the use of vacuum filtration or centrifugation steps; hence, they are well-suited to automation.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Automated DNA extraction and purification systems

The oKtopure™ automated DNA extraction and purification system is a platform which combines standardised high-throughput DNA extraction from plant tissue with our proprietary sbeadex magnetic bead based extraction chemistry. Pairing the oKtopure system with sbeadex chemistry provides an industry-leading solution driving laboratory efficiency and obtaining high quality and high-throughput DNA extraction and purification to feed downstream NGS, microarray and PCR workflows.

DNA and RNA extraction services

Achieve greater flexibility and efficiency with our DNA and RNA extraction services. We have expertise in extracting nucleic acid material from over 100 different species and tissue types, and our scientists are ready to work with you on obtaining high quality DNA extractions from your toughest samples.

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Sample collection tools for plant and animal tissue

Ensure dependable data with sample collection kits that deliver consistent sampling of tissue for uniform extraction yields. Our kits come with a complete set of tools for collecting plant and animal tissue samples in an automation-friendly format.

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Agrigenomics resources

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is both a service provider and a developer of proprietary chemistries and instrumentation for automated high-throughput nucleic acid extraction. We offer a range of different extraction technologies as well as the capability to develop tailor-made kit systems for all applications and downstream requirements.

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Modern agricultural methods often rely on PCR-based assays for species identification, diagnosis of disease, and crop improvement research. The QuickExtract™ Plant DNA Extraction Solution provides a rapid, inexpensive method for isolating PCR-ready DNA from plant tissue and other sample types, making this kit ideal for processing hundreds of samples simultaneously.

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The MasterPure Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit enables rapid, high yield purification of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA, total cellular RNA and Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) from many different sample types. Purification reactions can be scaled up or scaled down depending on the amount of nucleic acid needed and the size of the sample.

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The oKtopure instrument uses the proprietary sbeadex magnetic bead based chemistry to perform automated DNA extraction from 8 x 96-well plates in parallel. The instrument delivers high quality DNA suitable for downstream applications such as sequencing, microarrays and SNP genotyping.

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