Industries we serve

If your target has nucleic acids, we can design and manufacture oligos for your purpose. Our services team routinely provides design strategies and unique oligo modifications on a global scale for expansive research projects, human diagnostics, plant and veterinary diagnostics, genotyping, screening, food safety assays and biodefense projects.


We love helping customers with mission-critical and large scale products. Our service umbrella covers oligos and design capabilities or complete custom services for NGS, SNP genotyping, Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) and microarrays. We design, modify and manufacture oligos to your specifications. Popular programmes are available for CNV detection, presence/absence and design/manufacture of multiplexed assays.

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Food safety

As demands on the world's food supply become challenges, LGC, Biosearch Technologies can provide the screening and analytical tools needed to protect our food with breeding and growth programs, and harvest, processing and storage challenges.

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BHQ™ Probes Fuel qPCR – pick your industry

Dual-Labeled BHQ Probes are FRET probes for detecting and quantifying specific target sequences during genetic analysis.

Why BHQ Probes?

  • True dark quencher – no native fluorescence
  • Broad absorption spectra provides wide quenching range
  • Participate in FRET and static quenching for high signal-to-noise ratios and exquisite sensitivity
  • Perfect for gene expression analysis, copy number determination, multiplexed qPCR and SNP genotyping
  • Trusted assay component in high-throughput projects such as the NIH Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP). See poster: Oligo Design Across the Mouse Genome for more details

BHQ Probe characteristics 

  • Fluorescence-quenched oligo, typically 20-30 bases in length
  • Designed to bind at 70 °C for qPCR thermal cycling
  • HPLC purified with identity confirmed by ESI-TOF mass spectrometry
  • Available in 25 nmol, 50 nmol, 100 nmol, 200 nmol, and 1 μmol synthesis scales.

Do you have a large project requiring hundreds of different probes? LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers custom assay design services to support the molecular testing that is essential to your business. Contact to discuss how Biosearch Technologies can assist in the development of your custom assay.