Targeted sequencing for plants, livestock and aquaculture


Accelerate the launch of next generation traits from the lab to farms and fields across the globe with targeted sequencing technologies from LGC Biosearch Technologies. 


Our targeted sequencing genotyping platforms give you the information you need to maximise genetic gain and provide your breeders with tangible improvements in trait development and operational efficiency.

  • Amp-Seq - Amplicon-based targeted sequencing workflow for in-house genotyping at industrial scale
  • Flex-Seq - High-throughput targeted genotyping service at an industrial scale, focused on scalability and flexibility with industry-leading data accuracy 
  • Capture-Seq - Targeted sequencing services based on in-solution hybridisation-based capture, ideal for genome discovery and characterisation

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Rapid Genomics merged with LGC Biosearch Technologies in 2022. 

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Transforming agriculture with genotyping solutions for all applications


Our first-in-class genotyping applications set the standard in terms of accuracy, reliability, and speed. We deliver total genotyping solutions for:

  • Plant and animal genotyping from low to high marker density projects
  • Industry standard, pre-designed panels for numerous species
  • Allele mining/pre-breeding marker discovery
  • SNP discovery and haplotyping
  • Parentage testing
  • QA/QC


  Marker density Sample volume Typical LGC solution Technology
Genome exploration High Low

Capture-Seq, WGS or GBS

Breeding Medium Medium Flex-Seq or Amp-Seq NGS
Quality control Low High KASP PCR

Our experts are available to help you select the best technology based on the breeding application, marker density, workflow complexity, anticipated volume and the average selling price of the plant or animal.


Rapid Genomics merges with Biosearch Technologies

  • In 2022, Rapid Genomics became part of the LGC group, enabling future growth and development of our NGS high-throughput offerings in the agrigenomics space.
  • This acquisition underscores LGC’s commitment to supporting the application of genomic technologies in the seed breeding, aquaculture and livestock industries, aiding the development of superior germplasm for bioenergy, food, and fibre production.
  • Utilising Rapid Genomics' superior genotyping and data analysis, LGC now offers unmatched technological advantages. The integration of Rapid Genomics enhances our existing NGS and PCR genomics capabilities, enabling us to deliver a robust combined offering to our clients.

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