Competent cells for larger phage display libraries

Bigger libraries, quicker results.

Phage display is a powerful technique for the selection of peptides, antibodies, or other proteins from a library of millions of candidates. However, its usefulness relies on the ability to generate large and diverse libraries of phage-encoded proteins. Unfortunately, many commercially available competent cells are not well suited for large-scale library construction.


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Speed up your discovery process with the highest efficiency electrocompetent cells available

LGC Biosearch Technologies offers a line of competent cells optimized for large-scale library construction, allowing generation of libraries containing billions of unique phage particles. Designed for high efficiency, you can create the library you need to speed up discovery, opening up a world of possibilities for phage display.


Generate larger libraries with greater diversity to speed discovery

Perfect for antibody phage display or peptide phage display library creation

Select from amber suppressor and non-amber suppressor lines for maximum flexibility

Your only source for electrocompetent SS320 and ER2738 cells

High efficiency MC1061 F- cells for cloning or control reactions

The highest efficiency TG1 competent cells available: ≥4 × 1010 cfu/µg

Customize your cells and format to suit your project with bulk or custom dispensing

ISO 13485 certified

We understand that transformation efficiency is critical for successful experiments. That's why we offer a wide range of competent cells that are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our high standards.

Our competent cells must pass strict QC specifications for transformation efficiency and antibiotic resistance. With Biosearch Technologies, you can be confident you are using the best possible cells for your project.


Blue/white capable

Phage T1 resistant

End A-/Rec A

Restriction deficient (RMS)

Clone methylated DNA

Inducible plasmid CN

F’ episome

Antibiotic resistance

Electro-competent efficiency

TG1 c   Ø Ø d Ø Ø   ≥4 × 1010
ER2738 c c Ø Ø d Ø Ø Tet ≥2 × 1010
SS320 (MC1061 F’) c Ø Ø Ø e Ø Ø Tet, Str ≥4 × 1010
MC1061 F-   Ø Ø Ø e Ø c Str ≥4 × 1010

d: mcrB– only; not suitable for cloning eukaryotic genomic DNA
e: mcrA– mcrB–; not suitable for cloning eukaryotic genomic DNA

Competent cells for phage display applications - Decision Tree:

See what customers are saying:

“Lucigen’s TGI cells are perfect for phage library construct for their high transformation efficiency.”
– X. W., Molecular Imaging / Department of Radiology

“I have recently tried a sample pack of your Electrocompetent Cells for Phage Display (TG1, ER2738 and SS320). They worked absolutely great! I was quite impressed with the transformation efficiency. No other cells I’ve tested have come close to this!”
– Dr. J. L., Virology, Immunology, and Molecular Microbiology

“The TG1 cells I ordered worked great, and I really appreciate your efforts in getting me the cells in such a short time period. The cells have a super-high transformation efficiency […] and I achieved a much bigger library than I was expecting (great news for me).”
– Wei, Pharmaceutical Researcher


Looking for a custom E. coli strain? We've got you covered! Our team of experts can develop any E. coli strain in flexible formatting options to meet your specific requirements for a wide range of applications.

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