Enzymes for IVT mRNA synthesis


mRNA technology jumped into the spotlight of biopharma development following the mass deployment of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines. Numerous mRNA therapeutics quickly emerged for a wide range of diseases and are now moving into phase 1 clinical trials.


Developing mRNA-based therapeutics requires rapid, high-quality RNA synthesis. In vitro transcription (IVT) is a method for synthesising RNA that has been instrumental to many of the advancements in RNA-based therapeutics.


The enzymatic generation of mRNA has several steps: plasmid cloning, plasmid linearisation, in vitro transcription, 5′ capping and adding a poly(A) tail. Purity and integrity of synthesised mRNA are critical to ensuring translational efficiency and reducing immunogenicity risks.


LGC Biosearch Technologies™ offers high-quality enzymes manufactured in our ISO-13485 accredited manufacturing facilities in Middleton, WI USA with convenient international fulfillment through our global operations.


Many of our enzymes are cited in publications as sourced from Lucigen and Epicentre, which are now part of Biosearch Technologies. 


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Kits for IVT mRNA synthesis

Using an RNA transcription kit can save time and resources, particularly in the early stages of research and development.


Use the Ampliscribe T7 High Yield Transcription Kit to produce high yields of RNA quickly and easily. Ampliscribe kits, which include the NxGen T7 RNA Polymerase, produce 20 times more RNA than conventional or DIY in vitro transcription kits. If you’re interested in a fast, scalable 30-minute protocol, choose the Ampliscribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit.


The DuraScribe® T7 Transcription Kit, which also includes the NxGen T7 RNA Polymerase, produces RNA that is completely resistant to RNase A digestion via the addition of non-standard bases.

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Custom projects for IVT RNA synthesis

Backed by 25 years of expertise in enzyme development and production, we also offer custom formulations of in vitro transcription enzymes (IVT enzymes). Like all of our enzymes, we manufacture custom enzymes in our ISO-13485 accredited facilities. We offer customisations to support you from early method development to large-scale production.

Popular enzyme customisations for IVT RNA synthesis:

  • Different concentrations
  • Triton free or glycerol free
  • Custom QC based on your requirements
  • Batch reservation
  • Lot retention
  • Custom storage or reaction buffers
  • Bulk dispense


In addition to customising our enzymes to meet your requirements, you can also partner with us to manufacture your proprietary IVT enzyme constructs in our ISO-13485 accredited facilities.


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