Genotyping services

Accurate, flexible and cost-effective genotyping service solutions.

The KASP™ genotyping chemistry delivers accurate, flexible and cost-effective genotyping service solutions. Using our PCR-based KASP genotyping assay, in conjunction, with KASP Master mix, LGC, Biosearch Technologies is able to provide complete genotyping services to our customers. We run the largest genotyping laboratory of its kind in the world. We have a track record of delivering the highest quality data, delivering break-through cost savings across a huge range of project types, and working with hundreds of different species.

KASP Genotyping Service Projects

KASP genotyping all-inclusive service starts at £1.75 per sample and has a 4 week turnaround time.

Regional and project specific pricing may vary. Please request a quote for specific price information

Faster bespoke turnaround times available on request. Please contact us for more information.

How to set up a genotyping project

Our expertise

Don't just take our word for it

"The partnership with LGC was a success story, both the in-sourced and outsourced elements of the partnership. LGC not only contributed to develop the in-house DNA extraction and high- throughput KASP genotyping capabilities at SDTC through extensive training by LGC staff, experienced with operating high-throughput laboratory; but was also able to deliver an outsourced solution to augment capacity using equipment, chemistry and data analysis tools identical to those available at SDTC."

- Dr. David Ross Appleton, Head of Biotechnology and Breeding at Sime Darby Plantation, Malaysia

"For cohort genotyping LGC Genomics is unbeatable"

- Prof. Aroon Hingorani, University College London, United Kingdom.

"Facilitating a complete solution was decisive in outsourcing to LGC"

- Prof. Dr. Servaas Morre, VU University medical center (VUmc), Netherlands