As a changing climate and growing population challenge the world’s food supply, innovative teams of scientists are turning to advanced genomics tools to build solutions. And they’re partnering with LGC Biosearch Technologies to ensure that these mission critical projects are a success.

Whatever challenge your team is working on, whether the goal is to enhance food quality, ensure food security, or improve productivity with environmentally sustainable practices, Biosearch Technologies has an integrated portfolio of accurate, reliable, and high-quality genomic tools that work with you to advance your science and overcome the productivity challenge facing global agriculture. See how our mission critical tools are helping our customers innovative in agrigenomics, and then contact us to discuss how we can help your mission.

Together we innovate agrigenomics

PCR and qPCR for agrigenomics

Gain a competitive edge and maximum efficiency in your breeding programs with our expansive portfolio of products and services for qPCR and end-point PCR, including BHQplex™ CoPrimers™ for multiplex PCR. Whether you are genotyping for marker assisted selection/breeding (MAS/B) or another application, our products and services will deliver the actionable answers you need to quickly advance your science.

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NGS for agricultural applications

Maximise discovery of important traits and accelerate breeding program gains when you harness the power of NGS. Our broad portfolio of reagents, kits and all-inclusive sequencing services enable genome characterization, SNP discovery and genomic selection integrated solutions that accelerate discovery and commercialization of mission critical traits.

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Plant and animal DNA extraction products and services

Because sample quality affects the accuracy and reliability of next generation sequencing (NGS) and PCR, getting sample preparation right is critical. Our high performance DNA and RNA extraction and purification kits, automated DNA purification instruments and tailor-made extraction services deliver high quality DNA and RNA that improves your data quality and enables you make critical research decisions.

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Accomplish more through agrigenomics

  • High-throughput PCR probes, reagents and instrumentation for marker assisted selection/breeding (MAS/B)
  • Sequencing, extraction and genotyping all-inclusive laboratory services
  • DNA extraction and purification chemistry and automation for NGS and microarray applications

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Agrigenomics resources

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, rice, maize and wheat combine to provide more than half of global caloric intake. Biosearch Technologies is facilitating the public availability of the detailed genomic information needed to further improve the economic traits of these staple crops, and ultimately help feed the world.

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Genomic breeding strategies brochure

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Application notes and case studies in agrigenomics

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