What software should I use for analysis of KASP genotyping data generated in my own laboratory?

If you are using a qPCR instrument, many of the software packages that are supplied with the instruments have the ability to analyse endpoint genotyping data.  For a number of the most commonly used instruments, LGC have prepared manuals that detail how to program the instrument-specific software to run and analyse KASP genotyping reactions – these can be accessed at here.

For some qPCR instruments, and for plate readers, the supplied software cannot perform endpoint genotyping analysis directly.  Raw data can be exported to alternative software packages for analysis.  It is possible to use MS Excel or similar for analysis, but this is will not be efficient for large datasets.  LGC can provide KlusterCaller (http://www.lgcgroup.com/products/genotyping-software/klustercaller/), a software package that enables genotyping data analysis and reporting.