What is the discriminative power of the KASP exome sample tracking panel?

The KASP exome sample tracking panel of assays provides 24 bi-allelic SNPs with 48 points of allelic comparison. The panel of alleles were chosen for their commonality between the enrichment kits selected (3 kits), with the targets being reproducibly enriched. The optimised panel provides 18 differential alleles between any two samples enabling discrimination. Caution should however be taken when sampling includes the same individual or monozygotic twins.

The reproducibility of the data was tested on sampling of 10,000 individuals from HAPMAP populations (CEU, CHB, JPT and YRI) for duplicate profiles being produced. The worst performing simulation based on population data for Southern Han Chinese indicated one duplicate dataset in 85000 samples. For further information see: Pengelly et al. Genome Medicine 2013, 5:89