What are the typical call rates for KASP genotyping?

If you have submitted your samples for a genotyping project in our service laboratory, you should expect a call rate of >95% in all genomes, and a near perfect call rate (typically >99%) in well defined genomes (e.g. human). If you are running KASP in your own laboratory, the expected call rate will depend upon the type of assay that you ordered and the quality of your DNA samples:

  • KBD assays – these are non-validated assays and the call rate will therefore depend on the assay design and the quality of your DNA samples.
  • KOD assays – these are validated in-house prior to being shipped out to you, and, unless specifically requested, an assay will not be classed as validated unless call rates of >95% are achieved in-house.

If the initial assay design does not yield high quality data, the primers are re-designed using different parameters or designed to the opposite DNA strand to ensure that the assay is working optimally when you receive it in your laboratory. As for KBD assays, the call rate achieved will be dependent upon the quality of your DNA samples.