I have ordered a KBD assay but it is not working on my samples. What should I do?

If your kbd assay does not work as expected on your DNA samples, there are several possible causes including DNA quantity and quality, incorrect thermal cycling program, homology of the region of interest with other regions of the genome, and plate reader / qPCR instrument set-up incorrectly.  Our technical support team are available to help with troubleshooting of problematic assays; please visit our support centre to raise a request within our ticketing system.

As KBD assays are design-only and have not been validated in our laboratory, the extent of support that can be offered is limited.  If the reason for the unexpected results cannot be resolved through our troubleshooting procedures, the only available option is to upgrade the KBD assay to a KOD assay that LGC can validate and optimise in our laboratory.  If you choose this option, you will only be charged the difference in price between the KBD and the KOD.