How do I submit my DNA samples for genotyping at LGC?

The first step is to calculate the quantity of DNA that you need to send – this varies depending on the number of SNPs that you wish to run across your samples and the genome size of your study organism. This factsheet explains how to calculate the required DNA quantity for both dry and wet DNA samples.

The next step is to prepare your sample plate(s) and complete a sample submission form in your preferred format. This completed form will enable us to import your sample identifiers directly into Kraken™, our information and laboratory workflow management software. If you wish to keep your sample identifiers confidential, just use the well location as the identifier.

If you have been assigned a project manager, please e-mail your data files directly to them. Alternatively, e-mail the information to genomics@lgcgroup.com. Please ensure that your plates are labelled and packaged correctly. It is important that you plan when you are going to send your samples – please do not send them on a Friday as the laboratory will not be open over the weekend to receive them.