What elution volumes and total DNA yields can we expect for DNA extracted in LGC service laboratories?

The total DNA yield will be dependent on several factors including the health of the individual, the technique used to obtain the sample, and that way that the sample has been stored. The values below are intended as a guideline only:

Sample type Elution volume Expected yield
Blood Minimum 100 µL per 1 mL input blood 20-30 µg per 1 mL input blood
Saliva Dependent upon starting volume 10 µg per 1 mL input saliva.
Please note: bacterial DNA will form a large proportion of this DNA due to the nature of saliva samples.
Buffy coat Minimum 1 mL per ml input buffy coat 200-300 µg per 1 mL input buffy coat
Leaf tissue Dependent upon quantity of starting material and downstream requirements 1 µg per 6 mm leaf punch.
Please note: this can vary considerably depending upon the species.