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Start your Amp-Seq evaluation

To start your Amp-Seq evaluation, please contact your sales representative or request additional information through the form on this page.

Your Amp-Seq evaluation starts with an initiation meeting to introduce you to your team of Biosearch Technologies’ Amp-Seq experts who will guide you through the next phases of the technology evaluation process.

  Kick off meeting Pilot 1 Pilot 2 Implementation phase Post implementation support
  • Introduction to your Biosearch Technologies Amp-Seq evaluation team
  • Provide us with your performance requirements
  • Set up pilot projects
  • Design your oligo panel (or select pre-defined panel)
  • Provide your samples to Biosearch Technologies
  • Biosearch Technologies processes your samples
  • Present performance data
  • Test the Amp-Seq Reagent System at your site
  • Present and evaluate the performance data
  • Set-up workflow at your site
  • Set-up supply agreement
  • Support wet-lab implementation, installation of analysis pipeline, automation setup (optional)
  • Technical support for protocol, analysis pipeline and automation
  • Customisation of wet-lab chemistry/analysis pipeline (optional)
Timeline 1-3 days 8-10 weeks 4 weeks Variable Variable

* Total timeline is typically 12-14 weeks


Ordering information

The Amp-Seq reagents and index plates can be ordered on our webshop here.


The targeting oligo library and the core reagents are available in bundled kits for 384 or 3,840 reactions (or multiples thereof). Indexing plates are ordered separately and are pre-plated in 384-well plates.

Product code Name Reactions Type  
GEN-9900-021 Amp-Seq Reagent System incl. targeting oligo library 384 Bundled kit  
GEN-9900-022 Amp-Seq Reagent System incl. targeting oligo library 3,840 Bundled kit  
GEN-9902-001 through -024 Amp-Seq Indexing Plate 1-24 384 per plate Index plate  

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