sbeadex™ magnetic beads enable automated high-throughput extraction and purification of high-quality nucleic acids from easy to challenging sample types.

An optimised chemistry with a novel two-step binding mechanism allows nucleic acids to bind more specifically to RNA and DNA purification beads. Final washes with pure water deliver nucleic acids of high yield, purity and quality that can be used in many downstream applications such as PCR/qPCR/RT-qPCR or NGS. The sbeadex magnetic bead-based DNA and RNA purification procedure is fast, reliable and compatible with many robotic platforms, including our oKtopure™.

See how sbeadex nucleic acid purification works

Applications of sbeadex nucleic acid purification kits

Key benefits of sbeadex technology

  • Highly purified nucleic acids suitable for many downstream applications 
  • Fast, convenient and reproducible protocols that are easily adaptable to high-throughput automation
  • No organic extraction, alcohol precipitation, alcohol washes or centrifugation steps
  • Water-based wash buffers
  • No potential PCR inhibitors (e.g. organic solvents, ethanol or salts) in wash buffers and eluate
  • Highly stable, ready-to-use kits
  • Compatible with most popular robotic platforms (e.g. KingFisher, Hamilton, Tecan, Beckman-Coulter or our high-throughput oKtopure instrument)

Partner with us to customise sbeadex technology for your specific requirements. We offer highly flexible batch sizes and tailored protocols (e.g. modified lysis or elution steps) as well as customised and bulk sized kits. Contact us to discuss your project.

DNA/RNA preparation protocol with sbeadex magnetic beads

sbeadex magnetic beads allow efficient and high-quality purification of small and large DNA and RNA fragments within 45 minutes without centrifugation steps. The beads are double coated, requiring a unique dual binding protocol. This protocol allows elution of ultrapure nucleic acids into water and significantly reduces solvent carryover that might affect downstream applications.

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