How much leaf tissue should I send for DNA extraction?

Our leaf sampling kit (KBS-9370-110) requires 6 mm leaf punches to be collected from each sample and placed into the wells of 96-well plates. As a rough guide, we typically extract 1 µg of DNA per leaf punch although this obviously varies considerably according to species, age of tissue, etc. It is important not to sample too many punches per well of the plate as this can make homogenisation of the tissue very difficult. Conversely, if you know from experience that you extract relatively low quantities of DNA from your tissue, you may want to provide a couple of extra punches to allow for this.

For each SNP we require 5-50 ng of DNA per sample, depending on genome size. For example, if you are planning to run 10 SNP assays across your samples, you will need to send sufficient material for extraction of between 50 and 500 ng DNA. If there is the possibility that you will run further assays on these samples in the future, ensure that you supply sufficient leaf material to allow for this.